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TMABid: Online Real Estate Auctions

You have reached the Virtual Home of a unique real estate firm, The Mercury Alliance, LLC, focused on specialized real estate strategies for two, seemingly very different listing niches.

Niche # 1: High-End Colorado Mountain Homes and Ranches accesses a specialized marketing channel, an on-line internet sealed bid and auction platform, portal and transaction management utility ( which provides the tools, facts, property information, bidding and sales requirements so that a bidder, anywhere in the world by laptop, I-Pad and/or smart phone can enter a bid in real-time, 24/7 and thereafter see and receive notification of any new bid/overbid as entered into the system. Any one serious about selling his home at market-value but luke-warm to monetizing that sale in an average of 360 + days on the market, is well-advised to invest 30 minutes to an hour to listen to a presentation unlike any other you will hear!

Niche # 2: Listing Agency for Lender Acquired Homes (Foreclosures or REO)

Our business from 2005 until 2014 has been the representation of many of the nation's largest and well-known banks, servicers, risk-holder and, the GSE known as Fannie Mae. We continue to provide excellent results, and timely executions, personable and knowledgeable assistance to selling agents and their clients; all in support of our overall mission: to effectuate the best net execution for our sellers (with scrupulous attention to implementing their directives) and an to offer an equal opportunity for selling agents and their clients to access and make offers on our client's properties. Additionally, as "the boots on the ground" for our clients, we strive to establish and maintain superior working relationships with vendors, neighbors, homeowner's associations, city and county municipal offices and the general public.

The Mercury Alliance is founded on specialized marketing concepts that can and do result in extraordinary results in the very specific and defined markets with we make our market.


Mission Statement of The Mercury Alliance, LLC:

To develop, implement and monetize specialized real estate strategies of benefit to investors/clients focused on liquidity and the time-value of money.

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